May half term family activity holiday

Escape to somewhere warm this May Half term and enjoy a variety of family adventure holiday experiences. Avoid the intense heat of summer and enjoy perfect temperatures for active sports. Discover dramatic landscapes, meet the locals and go off-the-beaten track. 

Dedicated to family multi activity weeks in Croatia, we invite parents and their children to see these wonderful countries in the off-peak season. We’ll be taking care of all the planning. So mum and dad can simply relax and switch off. We offer the perfect setting for parents to bond with their children. 

You can easily reach Croatia, with many direct flights from England. Croatia also has direct flights from Ireland and Scotland. Both are extremely affordable places to travel, so enjoy the cost saving now before the masses catch on.

Using the May half term to enjoy a family activity holiday in Europe is a super idea. Families can book both land and water sport activities. In this Blog article, we discuss the various activities on offer.

sailing in croatia
Learn to sail in Croatia perfect for families with teenagers

Learn to sail

There are many areas in the world where sailing is popular. In Europe, Croatia has the reputation of being one of those must-sail destinations. Alongside Greece, Turkey and Southern Italy, Croatia is without a doubt one of the best in the world for sailors. 

Just try to count to 1244 and you will get tired, but try to sail around all the islands in Croatia and you will love every second of it. Yes, 1244 is the exact number of islands and islets in Croatia. There is no better place to learn how to sail than the Adriatic sea. Peaceful waters with numerous bays and coves, are ideal for throwing an anchor. Spend the night in the most perfect setting out there, nature. There are numerous tours that you can choose from and depending on how experienced you are, you can choose the appropriate type of sailing holiday. There are professional schools, or you can just rent a boat and hire a private skipper. Sailing on the Adriatic is just magical. Your May half term holiday could be on a family sailing holiday in Croatia.

The Blue Lagoon

There are many Blue Lagoons across the world from Iceland to Mexico. Croatia also has its very own Blue lagoon bay and the best way to see it is by kayaking. Located close to UNESCO town of Trogir, families can paddle their way to the aqua blue waters from various start points. Once guests reach the exotic bay you can relax and jump in the crystal clear sea. Explore the area by snorkel or kayak. Drvenik Veli is the island where the Blue Lagoon is located. A small but gorgeous place to visit. Truly, sea kayaking is a must-do during any active family holiday in Croatia.

Book onto a canyoning tour this summer in Croatia. Perfect for active families.
Canyoning tours. Moderate fitness levels essential.

Canyoning tours

Canyoning is one of the fastest growing family adventure tours in Croatia. The best tours are located in the Cetina canyon. Canyoning is a combination of swimming, walking, climbing and jumping. The Cetina is the most famous river in Dalmatia, running 105 km in length. This river is home to numerous species of plants and animals and attracts thrill seekers. Dressed in neoprene suits, helmet and life jacket you’ll walk down 200m into the canyon. Getting through the canyon takes 3 hours and you’ll be using all sorts of leg and arm muscles. Moderate to good fitness levels are needed. Daily canyoning tours are run by our family adventure company.

White water Rafting

White water rafting is probably one of the most exciting things to try and especially enjoyable for families with teenagers. Its inclusive and great fun. There are many rivers in Croatia where you can do rafting but river Cetina sets the bar high. Crystal clear water, small waterfalls and rapids, with very interesting flora and fauna. For 10km you can battle the foaming white waters and soak ourselves silly. The impressive cliffs of the canyon are mesmerizing, reaching 200m high in places. It’s good to know that white water rafting in Croatia is not extreme. It has the thrill factor and definitely offers lots of splash action. We class the rapids 1-3 grading. Book onto our Rafting tours for this summer.

Wind surfing & Kite surfing

Croatia is more than sun and sea. It is a land with a rich history, welcoming people and offers an endless amount of outdoor activities. For parents looking for suitable holidays for teenagers, water sports is often a big attraction. Two popular activities are wind surfing and kite surfing. One of the best locations for kite surfing is the most famous beach on Brac island. The Golden Horn beach, is one of the biggest attractions in the country and often voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The mistral wind offers near perfect conditions for kite surfers. 

Wind surfing is best between May and August. So if you want a true water sport holiday in Croatia, between these months is best. Again, Brac island offers the best conditions in Dalmatia for wind surfers. The coastline’s are crystal clear, void of large boats and reliable wind conditions. 1-1 or family lessons are available, twice daily throughout the summer. 

River tubing as part of a Croatia water sports holiday for families
Join us on the wild rivers of Croatia

River Tubing

The best way to describe our River Tubing tour is pure fun. Splashing, flipping, spinning around and gliding down the river on a rubber ring. It’s possible to experience this amazing tour, during our family active holidays in Croatia

River tubing is something that you don’t come across every day and let’s be frank, it is awesome fun. Simply hilarious, all inclusive and non competitive. Kids love it, parents love it. All the necessary equipment, from neoprene suits to helmets are provided. The river will change from calm to wild in various sections. Enjoy pristine nature and splash your way through the wild waters.

Cycling Dalmatia

Cycling is a popular way of recreation for many people in UK, Ireland and across Europe and in Croatia it’s no different. Surrounding Split, there are many great cycling routes. Our favourite places to cycle are close to Ciovo & Brac island, Miljet and the countryside around Sinj. There are now over 3000 km of marked cycle routes. Cycle in nature, exploring UNESCO heritage sites in Split and Trogir, visiting stunning islands like Brač and Hvar are just a few options to consider. Self guided trails or group leader lead tours can be arranged. Since 2000, sail and biking has increased in popularity. Our dedicated cycling tours for families run in May and September.


Hiking is all inclusive and there are allot of trails to follow in the Dalmatia region. Local enthusiast started a project called Via Adriatica, mapping walking routes from Istria all the way down to the south of the country. Although there are many marked trails we would always recommend having a guide take you. Always choose the hike to your ability. Biokovo mountain is one of the most famous, found in a protected National Park. For families on an active vacation in Croatia, they’ll love the trails there and glass skywalk. One of the best hiking routes is found on Brac island. The local tour leader takes guests to Vidova Gora, where you can see the country’s most famous beach from a bird’s eye view. From the peak, guest hike through an ancient wood to a shepherd’s village for dinner. This hike is possible an optional extra during our Brac island active week. If you want us to show you all the hidden corners of Dalmatia, make sure to contact us for a tailor-made hiking experience.

Dubrovnik day tours from Split
City of Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic

Dubrovnik day tour

Dubrovnik is a city that doesn’t need an introduction. It is a city that attracts hundreds of thousand visitors each year. This gorgeous medieval town is a UNESCO world heritage site. With our guides, you’ll soon discover the rich history of this town and surrounding area. Highlights will include; the Old Town city walls, the magnificent Rector’s Palace, the Franciscan Church and Monastery, Sponza Palace, the limestone-paved Stradun, and the striking baroque Dubrovnik Cathedral. Many of our guests will recognise these places from the series ‘Game of thrones!’ Our Dubrovnik day tours run daily from Split. On the way back we will stop in Ston, an amazing little town on Peljesac peninsula that was an essential part of Dubrovnik’s Republic. Famous for its excellent seafood, oysters, and fortified walls (second longest after the great Wall of China). After spending an afternoon in Ston we will head back to Split and arrive late in the evening.

Town of Ston in Croatia
The town of Ston, located between Split and Dubrovnik

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