4 Reasons to Visit Croatia

Croatia has it all. Over the past five years, Croatia has seen an increase in tourism, although still labelled by many as a ‘hidden gem’. From unspoilt old towns to islands adorned with idyllic beaches and crystal clear waters, to cosmopolitan cities brimming with culture. There are plenty of reasons to book Croatia family holidays and here are our top 4.


Croatia is situated in Southern Europe and boasts a large coastline along the Adriatic Sea, where its 1200 plus islands are located. The climate in Croatia is perfect for a summer vacation and cities such as Split, in the southern part of the country, have the best weather. Interestingly, Split has more hours of sunshine per year than Sydney, Australia.

Apart from the world-famous beaches, epic natural landscapes are a common theme in Croatia. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous mountain trail hike or to canyon down powerful waterfalls, Croatia has a lot on offer. Fast becoming the go-to place for family activity holidays. 10% of the land is protected via nature parks, national parks and nature reserves, and last year the sea water was voted ‘cleanest’ in the entire Mediterranean. One of the most impressive National Parks is Krka. Famous for its waterfalls, this spectacular protected area is a must-do day tour.

In fact, there are hundreds of options when it comes to daytime excursions. Our must-do recommendations are SUP boarding on Brac island, canyoning, sea kayaking, river rubbing and white water rafting. Why not combine these individual tours, by booking onto one of our active family weeks. It’s a great way to meet families, and buddy up your kids with similar aged children.


Surprising to some (not us!) there is a huge amount of history and culture to explore. Croatia is home to the oldest city in Europe, Vinkovci, which has been inhabited continuously for 8000 years!

In Split, visitors will find the most breath-taking piece of architecture built almost 2000 years ago by the Roman’s. The Diocletian’s Palace was built using limestone from the nearby island of Brac, which also supplied the American White House with limestone many years later. Tourist are free to wander the palace grounds and explore the many features, including a genuine Egyptian sphinx.

Croatia’s natural and architectural beauty has slightly not gone unnoticed by major film productions. The ever popular television series Game of Thrones has used Croatia to film many of its episodes, using Split and Dubrovnik for their fantastic Roman style palaces and city centres and the Krka National Park for its bright sparkling waters and tranquil setting.


Croatians take pride in their food and drink and you will be sure to come back from the holiday, dreaming of the exquisite meals you enjoyed. Croatian cuisine is influenced through a variety of cultures, offering the freshest seafood from the Mediterranean and grilled meat dishes brought in through central European culture.

The most important meal of the day for a Croatian is lunch (ručak), and on the menu you will find traditional foods such as schnitzels, spit-roast lamb, octopus salad, fresh fish, ćevapi and a vast selection of local hams and cheeses. A must try food is Soparnik, which is a savoury pie filled with Swiss chard. It is so popular that the dish has its own festival held every July.

Wine is becoming ever increasingly popular throughout Croatia and over the past few years it has come a long way in terms of quality of wine. There are now well over 40,000 winemakers and vineyards throughout the country producing high quality wines, so you will be sure to find a wine to your taste to accompany the delicious food on offer.


Croatia has plenty of activities to indulge in after dark. For some sophistication, head to one of the many theatres and opera houses throughout Croatia. One of the most spectacular theatre houses, is the Croatia National Theatre in Split, equally as beautiful inside as it is from outside, which hosts opera, ballet and theatre productions throughout the year.

Another fantastic venue to watch concerts and performances is the Roman Amphitheatre situated in the city of Pula. The venue holds around 5000 people and has performances throughout the year also.

For the festival fans, there are lots of options. In the Summer Croatia, especially the southern region boats some of the biggest festivals around, including Hideout and Ultra Europe. There are lots of bars with superb views and many world-famous nightclubs for those who love to party the night away.

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