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You can fly direct to Split with many carriers:

Flight Options to Split

Easy Jet (Stansted) (Leeds Bradford)
Wizz Air (London Luton)
Easy Jet (Luton)
Easy Jet (London Gatwick)
Norwegian (London Gatwick) (East Midlands)
Easy Jet (Newcastle)
Easy Jet (Bristol)
Croatia Airlines (London Heathrow)
British Airways (London Heathrow) (Manchester )
Easy Jet (Manchester)
Monarch (Birmingham) (Birmingham) (Edinburgh)
Easy Jet (Belfast)
Easy Jet (Glasgow)

You can fly direct to Zadar and arrange transfers to Split.

Flight Options to Zadar (London Stansted) (London Heathrow)

You can fly direct to Dubrovnik with many carriers. Dubrovnik is connected by hourly buses to Split and twice daily ferry routes.

Flight Options to Dubrovnik (London Heathrow) (London Luton) (London Gatwick) (Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh & Belfast) (Birmingham) (London, Birmingham, Manchester) (London)