Age matching

Why is age matching important for family activity holidays?

Parents don’t have it easy. Juggling home-life with careers and making your kids happy, is no easy feat. Can everyone be happy at the same time? Is it possible to find a holiday that ticks all the boxes?

We all know from our past experiences, it’s the people you meet on holiday, that defines whether it was a ‘great’ holiday. Parents don’t understand teenagers and they will never will, the only people who can really understand teenagers are the other teenagers!

This is why, in order to have the best family activity holiday ever, children need to be surrounded with kids of similar ages. They want to bond, play and share pictures, create new friendship circles without the hindrance of social hierarchy.

You might not remember all the beautiful places you visited in your life time, but you will always remember the people you’ve met there. We’ve seen it million times over and over: after an activity, parents enjoying a glass of wine whilst teenagers are still running around playing games and everyone is happy.

teenage holidays with parents in Europe

Croatia Family Holidays proves every summer that ‘YES’ its very possible to make everyone happy on holiday. Rated 5 stars on Google Reviews and Certified Excellence by TripAdvisor, we have developed the perfect adventure holidays in Croatia for families. We are also very happy to share our secrets, and age matching is one of them!

We combine incredible outdoor experiences, with other like minded families. That way, your teenage dragons are outdoors, being active and having a lot of fun. The fact that we are transparent about children’s ages during the enquiry process, it really helps to build sociable fun groups.

Teens can buddy up with other teenagers their same age and parents can still be alongside their children, without cramping their style. It’s very satisfying for our parents to see their children relaxing and playing, without the aid of mobile screens.

Croatia adventure holidays are recognised as one of the best destinations for families with teenagers & kids. The weather is hot, the sea is warm and the people are very welcoming. Parents feel relaxed in this country, knowing their kids are safe and having a lot of fun with their new friends.

So, when you’re planning your next active vacation, we will always start with the most important question: how old are your kids?  We hope to see you this summer.

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