Flights from Ireland to Croatia

Who flies to Croatia from Ireland?

Ireland has direct flights to Croatia, served by Ryan Air and Are Lingus. There are also many indirect flight opportunities, via Heathrow and Gatwick.

Why do the Irish love Croatia?

Croatia is defined in many similar ways as Ireland. It might not be a big country, but it can be described as diverse, friendly and extraordinary. Croatia like Ireland has friendly people, known for their genuine hospitality. With Croatia’s idylic Mediterranean weather and short flights, Irish families seeking adventure know they’ll find it in Croatia.

Croatia is connected with many airlines from the United Kingdom and Ireland flying to UNESCO towns such as Split, Zadar and Dubrovnik.

For UK travellers, Croatia has already proven to be a new safe and beautiful European destination for family activity holidays. UK airlines have responded to this and they added flight connections between almost every bigger town in UK and Croatia’s favourite destinations such as Split.

For Irish families, Croatia is also becoming a popular family destination. The Irish Croatian connection between its people due to many similarities between the cultures has always been a strong one. Both being open, some would maybe say ‘quite loud’ (certainly chatty) and very social people, for many Irish visitors, Croatia will feel ‘like home’ (maybe a touch warmer though hehe…)

Irish and Croats share other similarities too. The territory of Croatia, a country with long Christian traditions too, is literally interlaced with religious monuments & connections. Many of them are monasteries and pilgrimage sites.

Irish airlines have recognized the connection and they’ve now added new airline routes to the list of connections between Ireland and Croatia. Ryanair has just announced they will open a new route between Dublin and Split in Dalmatia – one of most popular destinations for family activity holidays in Europe.

Ryan Air & Aer Lingus

We are glad that Ryanair has also recognised the need for a new connection, which now gives more choice for families who will choose Split in Croatia as their next destination. Alongside Aer Lingus, Irish travellers can now choose between two low budget carriers.

Having this on mind, Croatia should be at the top of your list for your next family activity holiday. Explore this beautiful country’s rivers, sea, islands & come enjoy the sunshine, good food and friendly people! With cheap flights and short flight times, Croatia was never so close to Ireland and UK as it is now.

Croatia Family holidays specialises in family adventure holiday programs; particularly families with teenagers; as they can really enjoy all our wonderful nature and fun activities. From white water rafting to canyoning, from sea kayaking to river tubing as well as tons of watersports Croatia really is a super fun family summer destination.

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Croatia awaits….

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