Great National Parks in Croatia

Croatia’s natural beauty will leave you without words. The spectacular waterfalls, idyllic beaches, vast woodlands and majestic mountains are ideal for all types of travellers. Whether you are looking for relaxing times or an action packed adventure, Croatia family holidays won’t easily be forgotten. However, if you do have an appreciation for watersports, activity holidays, nature and sports, you should pay close attention to the National Parks of our country.

In fact, Croatia has 8 national parks, with each park offering its own unique & diverse style of landscapes, woodlands and rivers to explore. Interestingly, the national parks make up around 40% of the total land area of Croatia, which is much higher than the global average. In this article we’ll be exploring 4 of the best national parks in Croatia, and it’s in our local opinion that the best place to locate yourself would be somewhere close to Split.

Plitvice Lake


Krka National Park is named after the river that flows through it. The river is the focal point of the park’s beauty and creates the lush landscapes that the park is famous for.

The most spectacular feature of Krka national park are the Skradisnki Buk falls. These falls are made up of 17 waterfalls that are a must see for anyone when visiting the park. The scenery is truly magical and visitors can take a dip in the many emerald green pools to cool off after a day of exploring, or relax in one of the bars and enjoy a refreshing drink. However, we would recommend bringing your own food and taking in the sights whilst you eat your lunch on one of the many trails.

Other sights to see in Krka national park would be the island of Visovac. This island, which can be accessed by boat, is home to a monastery and contains a museum of sorts and a library for the more curious of visitors.

In contrast for the more adventurous, there are plenty of ways to have fun whilst in the presence of glorious scenery. Cycling tours, boat tours, white-water rafting and swimming in the many pools of the park are just some of the ways to enjoy a whole day of adventure in Krka with the family.


Plitvice Lakes National Park is the largest national park in Croatia and one of the oldest parks in South Eastern Europe. Located in the mountains on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Plitvice national park has a very diverse landscape, spanning rocky outcrops, oak forests and some of the prettiest waterfalls in Europe.

There are plenty of walks and trails that can be taken that are of varying difficulties, but all them take advantage of the breath-taking views. Other than exploring the park on foot, by bike or by boat, there are plenty other activities to undertake within the park and its surrounding areas.

The park is most famous for its lakes, totalling 16, which flow into one another via picturesque waterfalls. Be sure to bring your camera, these photo opportunities are not to be missed.

Plitvice lakes national park is a great day out if you are looking for that extra bit of adrenaline and adventure; why not try white water rafting down the rivers or kayaking? Well worth a go if you love family activity holidays.



Mljet national park is located on the island of Mljet, just off the coast of southern Croatia. The national park takes up a sizeable part of the island and the main attractions are the 2 crystal blue lakes which are surrounded by lush green forests.

Visitors are free to use the lakes as they please; there are places to hire bicycles and cycle around the park or even hire kayaks. The kayaks can be used to get closer to the lakes and inspect the truly mesmerising colour of the water. In the middle of the larger lake, lies a monastery which can be explored.

The island will certainly light up your imagination. It has the look of mythical lands and the warm gentle wind whispers the ancient Croatian stories. The forests contain a vast array of species, so we highly recommend to clients to follow our walks and hiking routes. The best view is from the Montekuc peak.

Kornati Islands

This national park comprises of 89 islands, tightly packed in the Adriatic Sea. The best way to explore these delightful islands is by boat. We can help organise day tours and dedicated family sailing holidays in Croatia.

Diving and snorkelling are very popular around the islands, where a huge selection of fish can be seen. No specialist equipment or licences are required to snorkel, however if you would like to go scuba diving, there are experts operators to book with.

After Brac Island, the Kornati Islands are on of our favourites to relax, but please note – they are more suitable for adults looking for tranquillity. If you want crystal clear waters, in combination of restaurants and other touristic facilities, then Brac is the Island to head too.

Our tip for the Kornati Islands is to enjoy a private boat tour. Disembarked on one of the islands, and discover your own secluded spot.

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